Frequently Asked Questions!

Customer Care

What if Panorama Collision’s estimate is different from the one my insurance company gave me?
We will work directly from your insurance estimate. If we need additional funds to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition, we will contact your insurance company directly and negotiate for the necessary repairs or parts.

I lease my vehicle. Am I required to have it repaired at the dealership?
No. Under New York State law you may have your vehicle fixed at any repair shop you choose.


How long will it take for Panorama Collision to fix my vehicle?
A drivable vehicle usually takes 3 to 4 days to repair. However the repair time for towed-in vehicles can vary widely. Many variables come into play. The average is 2-1/2 weeks; some take as short as a week and others as long as 6 weeks. When we deliver your free estimate, we will tell you how long you can expect to be without your vehicle.

Do I have to have my vehicle fixed at my insurance company’s preferred repair facility?
No. You have a choice. Insurance companies cannot require that repairs be made at any particular place or shop.

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